exactly how you need it for your company or event.

You may be wondering how exactly we can help you. We offer intensive advice, precise planning, and targeted implementation of your projects in the fields of information and communication technology, network technology, general computer technology and event technology, as well as the sale and rental of suitable products and licenses.

In brief: we meet all your networking needs – be they temporary or permanent. And we can do this no matter where you are.

Our services include:
Technical IT project management and IT requirements analysis · Creation of IT concepts
Planning of copper and fiber optic cabling · Certification of copper cabling
Firewall and network solutions (WiFi/LAN/VPN)
Provision of large-area WiFi lighting
IT network administration · IT first-level support · Network commissioning

Overview of our IT services

The services we offer can be divided up into four areas that usually overlap in practice. We have particular expertise in the field of temporary network solutions for events of all kinds, such as trade fairs, corporate events, festivals, meetings, and conferences. Whatever the scale and wherever the event!

1. Event.net

Services/equipment available:

  • Solutions for everything from small press events to major corporate functions or public events with a hotspot function
  • Comprehensive WiFi coverage for the event location
  • Servers for temporary database situations
  • Provision of cable-connected workplaces (for exhibits or offices)
  • Server environments for data backup
  • Site networking with secured VPN technology
  • Redundant firewall solutions for protective security/firewall technology as HA clusters (for more reliable failsafe operation)
  • Provision of WAN connection
  • Directional radio up to a distance of 60 km
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony
  • Network monitoring

2. Cloud technology


  • Setup of a business cloud (disk space, computing power, or application software)

3. Communications technology


  • VoIP setup
  • Digital communication rollout support

4. Information technology


  • Setup and operation of server rooms
  • Development and planning of network architectures for fixed installations
  • Installation of WiFi systems in office buildings

“When it comes to security and reliability, we have a rule of three: network stability, your communication and your data.”

The PRO4NETWORK performance promise


For more information or a non-binding consultation from our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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